I like to start by saying that the content within this article is based on my own opinions which are derived from my own knowledge, my own practices and my own life experiences. I decided to share with you some personal safety tips for women that if used on a regular basis will eventually become habits that in turn will become sort of like an effortless built in safety feature. ; ) You may have heard or even use some of these tips already.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings-Utilize Your Senses

Shows a girl noticing what a nice day it is, however failing to notice the creep watching her from behind the fence.

The best self defense for women is to avoid having to use any self defense at all by always being aware of your surroundings. This is easy to do. Just utilize your senses. Before exiting your vehicle just take a quick look around. Have a little listen and once you have seen that all is as it should be, you can then be on your way. Its as simple as that. If you are one who takes walks or runs alone or one who does any solo outdoor activity, I suggest doing so without using headphones. You are safer when you can hear the sounds around you, mainly because when you hear a potential threat you may have time to react before the threat is upon you.

Wear Your Confidence Shield-The Power Of Body Language

How you carry yourself says a lot. In the wild, predators will target the more visibly vulnerable prey first. That being usually the smaller young ones, slower or older prey. The ones that look like they will put up less of a fight. Human nature is no different. Carry your self in a way that radiates confidence. I’ve experienced throughout my life thus far that even at only 5’2 and 125lbs a lil Raditude can be a bit intimidating to just about anybody. Yes I said Raditude. My point is, it might just be enough of a reason for a predator to move on rather than going in for the kill.

Easy Target vs. Hard Target-Which Would You Choose?

So Let’s say your given the opportunity to win a prize for hitting the bulls eye on a target. Your then given the option of an easy target or not so easy target. Both are for the same prize. Which target are you going to choose. Duh, right. Of course most people are going to pick the easy target. Avoid putting yourself in a position to be an easy target which can lower your chances of being a target at all.

Don’t Set Yourself Up For A Bad Situation

Shows a girl again not noticing the creep spying on her and he realizes he seen her here yesterday at the same time.

One example of this is if you take a particular route at the same time every time, you are potentially setting yourself up for a bad situation. If some creep happens to have taken an interest in you and has been watching you(like the creepo in the pic to the right) he may notice a pattern and decide to use your routine to his advantage. He could then hide and wait some where along your route knowing that you will be passing by as usual. Knowing your routine also gives an attacker time to plan and better prepare for an attack. Obviously that improves his chance of a successful attack which in turn lessens your chance of escaping harm. Another example could be something like…. You are headed out one night, and if you are at all like me, you’re running a bit behind schedule. You still have to stop at an ATM to get some cash. You pull into the parking lot and drive around in the direction of the drive up machine and notice that there is a car parked very close by with two people sitting in it. You look around and see its just you and them. You slow way down to give yourself time to evaluate the situation. You are already late and don’t want to have to be later because you have to go to another ATM. As you approach the ATM the passenger in the car opens their door but does not get out of the car. You stop at the machine and as you reach to press the language button, the passenger gets out of the car.

I’ll stop the story right at that point and say, I personally more than likely would not have even stopped. I would have just drove right on through late or not. What happens next good or bad really doesn’t matter because up until that point it was looking a bit sketchy. Seriously, a little inconvenience is a small price to pay for your well-being. My point is don’t put yourself in situations that could be potentially dangerous. Its just not worth it.

Don’t Be That One Dumb Chick….

shows that one hot dumb chickl

Just about every horror movie has that one usually extremely hot dumb ass chick that’s like, “Omg that sounded like somebody screaming and then like idk maybe like a chainsaw…..you wait here and hold my cell phone im gonna go see if that’s what that was. be right back k?” Everybody watching the movie is like, “Oh No You Won’t.”

The best self defense for women, in my opinion, is don’t be that chick. LOL. I’m laughing but im serious. Even those who lack that quick response common sense, I’m sure there is plenty of times some pretty bad shit could have probably been avoided had the person just took a minute to really think about the situation or listen to a concerned friend when they ask, “You sure that’s a good idea?” or “You sure you’ll be ok going alone?” If your friend has a little doubt about your safety maybe you should too.

Don’t Be Shy Share Your Thoughts

Here at OneBadassMom.com your comments are always welcome. Please feel free to share your thoughts, experiences and even some tips of your own. In doing so, together we can build a more complete list for all moms that visit my site and hopefully help more moms to be safer by thinking smarter. Thanks for reading!! Oh and please be sure and tell a friend to stop by OneBadassMom.com!!