Just like the title says…. “When it comes to self defense women should know a thing or two,” or three.  Even that little bit of knowledge could very well be the difference between being a victim of an attempted assault and being the victim wearing a toe tag that reads Jane Doe.  I hate to put it that way but it is what it is.  I don’t know which would be worse.  Being the Jane Doe or being the devastated family members responsible for confirming the name change on the toe tag.

In this article I’d like to share some tips on self defense women must know in order to have a greater chance of successfully fighting off and escaping an attacker, because sometimes thinking smarter just isn’t enough and a second line of defense has to come into play.   It’s always better to be prepared than to be sorry you were not.

These tips you would use when you have no weapons other than those you were born with.  However, I would like to focus more so on our attackers body parts and point out which parts of the body we want to target and some reasons why they are most effective.

Just FYI….I am not a trained fighter, martial artist or anything like that.  The information I am sharing in this post is derived from research on the topic, what I was taught in biology class many many many years ago and from some life experiences of my own.  If you plan to practice any moves pertaining to the striking of the target zones that i’ll cover in this article I strongly suggest doing so with extreme caution. 

These target zones should be used only in situations where extreme force is totally necessary keeping in mind that even though you were defending yourself you could yourself end up with a criminal case depending on your state and local laws or even a civil case depending on the damage you inflict on your attacker and if he or his family decides to file a civil complaint against you.

I’ll be talking more about that and define some terms related to Self defense and its laws in my next article “Self Defense Plain & Simple-Its My Right…..Right?” So be sure and check it out!!

Oh….and one last thing.   Our “Bad Guys” in real life may not always be a guy.  There may be times when our bad guy is in fact a bad girl.   For the purpose of simplicity while writing this article our bad guy is a male.  Just keep in mind that all the same still applies for the most part either way regardless of the gender of our attacker.   Now that we are all on the same page, lets get on to the good stuff.

Don’t Forget You Have A Voice-So Go On Girl&Use It!!

shows women using her voice to draw attention to scare an attacker into letting her go.

If ever someone grabs ahold of you or attempts to assault you attract as much attention to the situation as you possibly can. Scream, yell and even cuss your brains out.  Call me crazy but I have even advised my boys to do the same if ever such a thing happens to them. I have a couple reasons as to why I would ever give my boys the ok to drop some Fbombs and to drop em as loud as possible.

First, things get pretty loud when you have a bunch of kids all playing in the same area. I mean a lot of squealing. yelling, tattle telling, laughing and crying wolf.

With all that noise a cry for help could easily blend in or go unnoticed. However, one way to stand out among all that noise, especially when your just a wee lil’ guy, is by dropp’in a biggo F Bomb! When you hear a tiny person voice dropping F Bombs who wouldn’t stop and take notice? Also for me it makes getting anything done in the presence of a bunch of rowdy kids a lot easier. It gives me the ability to not have to stop and investigate every little sound that is really nothing. I know if I hear F Bombs start flying out my kids mouth it means serious danger.

shows kid dropping f bombs

Yelling out the color of an attackers clothing over and over could probably not only help you to remember when asked for a description later. It also could help to scare an attacker or even help in the bad guy being stopped or even found after fleeing the scene.

The idea is just to be as loud as you can to draw as much attention as possible  This tip is kinda common sense and a natural reaction for most of us anyway.

What we hope to gain by causing a bunch of ruckus  is an attackers natural reaction to you making all that noise and drawing attention. That reaction is usually to bail and get as far away from the noise and attention as fast as possible.

I think of this as the bad guys last chance to back the f up off me right before the claws come out and I have no other choice than to go straight hellcat on his ass ; ).

Say Hello To My Little….Thumbs?

women using thumbs to gouge an attackers eyes

Yes I said thumbs and the bad guy might as well say good bye to them at the same time since his first close up look at my thumbs will more than likely also be his last.

A poke to one eye is painful and a thumb pressed into each eye, even more so.  So extremely painful that your attackers reaction is more than likely going to be him letting go of you and moving his hands in towards his face.  The amount of time that his attention is diverted from you we are really unable to predict. So in other words, that was your self defense women, now RUN!!

Pow!! Right In The Sniffer.

showing knee to the nose

The nose is definitely an option.  The fact that it is connected to the eyes by tear ducts means, a blow to the nose can cause obstruction of vision when the eyes tear up.  When in a situation where you are forced to use any form of self defense women should do just that and use ANY form they can.

For this one impeticular, you can use a headbutt,  a fist, a palm, an elbow, a knee, a kick or what ever part you can depending on your position when the open nose shot presents itself.

When it comes to the nose shot I am kinda eh, about it being my first choice.  My reason is because I know that I personally can think of two times I was hit in the nose, once hard enough to completely black both my eyes, and both times it hurt like hell.  However, I don’t think that it slowed me down all that much.  If anything I think it just pissed me off even more than I already was, which then caused me to push harder.

So unless you are a fast thinker with even faster hands and a follow up move, you should consider the possibility that delivering a blow to the nose of your attacker, may not do much more than cause him to squirt an involuntary tear or two and that it will more than likely piss him off  possibly making the situation more dangerous for you.

Tight Paddle Hand Slap To The Ear

hand slightly cupped

With your hand slightly cupped (kinda like how you do while paddling in water) deliver a blow to the ear of your attacker.  The idea is to force the air in the space of your cupped hand into the ear canal which can be very painful possibly causing him to let go of you.

It can also do a number on the persons equilibrium which would make it easier for you to knock your attacker down or push him off of you.  In addition this move can cause disorientation and rupture of the eardrum among a few others.

This move may not do what damage I described above unless it is delivered quite accurately.   In other words I’d also be prepared to follow up with another move just in case you don’t get the desired result.

Throat Strike

Striking someone in the throat can be an effective defense that allows you to escape an attacker.  The attackers natural response is probably going to be letting go of you and moving his hands in the direction of his throat which gives you time to make your escape.  If he sees it coming he may bring his chin down to protect his throat.  If he does just follow through and hope connecting with the chin results in a knock out.  Still be prepared to possibly need a repeat or second move to make that escape.

You can use your fist, forearm, elbow or whatever part of your body becomes available that would work.  You don’t have to hit your hardest to be effective.  However, If I felt I was in a kill or be killed type of fight and the opportunity presents itself im going to throw my body weight into it to drive the force of the strike.  This will make it more effective.  Keep in mind however, that a hard enough strike can crush the trachea which can likely result in death unless immediate emergency care is available.

Hit Em Right In The Hiccup

shows a fist with first two finger knuckles protruding out slightly farther than the rest

No we do not have an actual hiccup body part.  The best way I can think of to describe the approximate location of the celiac plexus would be that spot that hurts when you hiccup.  Well it’s in that general area anyways. Your sternum is where your ribs connect in the front of your body.  Just below their is that soft spot.  If you push your finger in their deep enough you can feel that it could be quite painful to be hit right there.

You would want to hit that spot with a bit of an upward swing making contact with the first two biggest knuckles.  Considering that the celiac plexus is actually more towards the back and located just in front of the spine I don’t think your actually going to make direct contact with it. However, it’s sensitivity due to the number of nerves I guess would make a good blow to any of the area directly in front of it just the same.

The Good Ole Groin Kick

shows women kicking attacker in the groin

We all know how effective this one can be.  Even against a female attacker believe it or not.  Years ago while out riding my dirt bike(that I miss so much) I hit a pretty small jump and one of my feet were not in the right position and my body weight along with gravity and momentum caused that foot slip and upon landing I came down kitty first on my hardly padded seat.  What words flew out of my mouth?? Awwwhhh!! Shit!! My Nuts!!!!  I don’t know why considering I have no nuts.  Nuts or no nuts, I know without a doubt, that shit hurt like hell even beyond that day.

Anyways, if you’re delivering with a kick I suggest making the impact with you shin rather that your foot.  First, your less likely to injure yourself this way.  An injury to your foot or ankle would make your escape a bit more difficult.  Second, you have less of a chance to miss your target because your shin has more surface area than just your foot. Last, when you kick do so as if you are trying to split kick his ass in half. Meaning don’t let your kick stop at the balls, which of course it will, but with more power.

Most guys, when hit in the nuts, do what?  If they don’t immediately go down, they will grab their nuts as they bend over with their faces towards the ground.  Personally, I’d probably take that opportunity to deliver a good step kick right to the face then run. Only because I’ve seen a few shake that kick off quicker than expected and give chase.

Just FYI I don’t go around kicking dudes in the nuts.  Most of my experiences are from an observation stand point.  Just wanted make that clear.

These are in my opinion some of the most effective.  Others to consider are the temple, the back of the head at the base of the skull, the jaw, area of the kidneys or liver or a blow to the side of a knee. I know personally the pain that is a result of that type of knee injury and that shit is nothing nice. I’d rather go through natural child birth all alone 10x’s (which I have done BTW, not 10xs only 1time, story for another time) than ever go through that kind of pain and agony ever again.

I hope you enjoyed this article and even learned something new. either way Thanks for reading and remember when it comes to self defense women should do what ever they have to do to stay as safe as possible or to make an escape. What it all boils down to is this…. in a kill or be killed situation is there are no rules.