I decided that I was going to postpone the re-writing (ill explain re-writing later) of a my article “Self Defense Plain and Simple-Its My Right, Right?” In order to be able to introduce my website to the world sooner with the hope of helping people to better understand the current global Pandemic we know as COVID-19.

Just for the record….I’m no expert on the subject, nor am I a doctor or nurse. What I am is a concerned mother determined to know as much as there is to know about the bad guy who in this case is in the form of a virus capable of causing some major respiratory issues or in some even death.

That factor alone made this type of a bad guy an even more intimidating threat for me and my boys considering that my newest teeny-bopper (Trevin 13) has asthma and allergies which can make such a virus much more dangerous for him.

Not to mention that the last time a cold virus got ahold of a few of us Trevin’s actually turned into pneumonia and I had to take him to the emergency room. I’d say that one kicked his ass for at least 3 weeks if not longer.

Oh and back to not being a doctor or nurse and where it was I was going with all that. Of course all the reading Ive done to get to the bottom of this whole COVID-19 thing, I did via the internet. However, I did avoid Bullshit websites and non factual information in order to not only ease my mind by way of better understanding our invisible enemy but also so that I could help in easing the minds of other people too.

I have noticed that as quickly as I was learning apparently so were those whom we would look to for answers, as a lot of the information I had found at some point had been revised to an extent, which is to be expected with any thing I guess.

My point is everything I have included in this article is to my knowledge accurate and as up to date as possible.

I found interesting reading at the WHO (world health organization) website. The credibility of the info on their site, I do not know. However, interesting all the same.

There I read through pages and pages and paaaages of situation reports regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to situation reports on other relevant outbreaks of the past that I will mention later in this article.

What Is COVID-19?

COVID stands for Corona Virus Disease and the 19 stands for 2019 which is the year that the virus is believed to have jumped species and was discovered in humans. All Corona viruses are zoonotic meaning they can be transmitted between animals and humans. So if you find yourself having symptoms its not a bad idea to have someone else care for your pet while you are sick.

Refered to in labs as SARS CoV2, COVID-19 is a disease caused by a novel corona virus called CoV2. When we hear the term “Novel” corona virus that simply means that it is a corona virus that had not previously been seen in humans.

showing that CoV 3 is the name of the corona virus outbreak of 2019

I know that with all its street names and technical lab names its pretty easy to get quite confused and end up not having a clue what to call it. So hopefully I explained it in a way that is not so confusing.

Is History Repeating Itself?

showing that the corona virus outbreak in 2002 was called CoV

It may feel like we have been through this before. In a sense we have, or something quite similar anyways. The corona virus CoV2 that is responsible for COVID-19 is quite similar to the corona virus CoV that was the cause of the SARS outbreak we saw on a much smaller scale back in 2002-2003

You may also recall hearing about another not as closely related corona virus that caused the MERS outbreak in 2012 which also on a much smaller scale MERS stayed mostly over in the middle east where it had started.

showing that the corona virus outbreak in 2012 was called MERS

All of these corona viruses can cause cold or flu like symptoms and in worse cases develop into severe respiratory diseases that can be fatal. Ill get into all that further in a minute.

I just wanted to touch on the fact that this is not our first corona virus and unfortunately im sorry to say it probably won’t be our last. I’m no profit nor am I making a prediction as far as what to expect ten years from now and I think ill save all that for another website for which ill keep ya posted.

What I am saying is it wouldn’t hurt taking what we are learning from this experience and incorporating it into our family defense prep plan which btw is what OneBadassMom.com is all about. With that said lets get back to this corona virus.

How Does It Spread?

What we currently know is that this corona virus is spread from person to person by respiratory droplets from an infected individual. Once these droplets get into the air by say a cough or a sneeze anyone in close proximity is at risk of inhaling the infected droplets. Some say these droplets can remain airborne for as long as 3 hours. If that is true then social distancing may not be effective in preventing further spread of this virus. However, simply staying home will.

Others have stated that the droplets containing the virus are heavy and will fall to surfaces below rather quickly however it can live on surfaces for extended amounts of time. These times vary from minutes, hours or even days depending on what it lands on and environmental factors such as temperature, exposure to sunlight and so on. Thus making any contaminated surface a potential hazard to anyone who makes contact with that surface. Another reason why just staying home is one way to know that you are not putting yourself at risk for infection.

Just to specify, the virus can enter the body by being inhaled while airborne or through the eyes, nose or mouth after touching your face after touching a contaminated surface. Which is why it is important to practice good hand washing and avoid touching your face completely.

Once inside the virus will then use one of its super mutant spike proteins to attach itself to one of our cells within mucus membranes in the throat, sinus or eyes. I say super mutant because this corona virus has mutated its spike proteins to have a more secure hold on the cells RNA that it attaches to.

It then uses our cell to make copies of itself destroying our cell in the process. The process continues as the virus multiplies and attempts to make its way into the respiratory system and deep into the lungs and other parts of the body.

Reproductive Ratio-How Many Can One Person Infect

The reproductive ratio of a virus is a number given to a virus based on compiled data that indicates approx how many people an infected person can infect out of a small group. For this virus it is estimated to be about 2-3 people. Its likely however that this number could actually be substantially higher.

What that means is one person can infect 3 people in a group and those three people each can themselves infect three more people and so on. I’ve included an illustration that I made that shows just how easily this virus spread at the rate it has.


The symptoms of this corona virus can vary from very mild, to moderate, to severe and in the most extreme cases cause a variety of life threatening complications that commonly result in the need for ventilation and or possibly even lead to death.

Mild Symptoms Might Include….

  • Runny Nose
  • Cough
  • Sore Throat
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Burning In Nose and Throat

Moderate Symptoms Might Include….

  • More Intense Mild Symptoms
  • Burning In The Chest
  • Shortness Of Breath (even talking you will get winded)
  • Light Headed
  • Fatigue
  • Body Aches (especially in the shoulders and back)
  • Diarrhea or Vomiting
  • Temp Loss of Taste or Smell
  • Temp Loss of Hearing
  • Aching Teeth
  • Aching Eyes

Severe Symptoms-Seek Medical Attention Immediately

  • Severe Pain or Pressure In The Chest
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • New Confusion or Inability to Arouse
  • Bluish Lips or Face

The symptoms I’ve included are not all of them. Of course every case is different and symptoms may vary or include symptoms not listed here. It is highly likely from many interviews of Dr’s and Nurses that I read and or watched that most all extreme cases requiring hospitalization had a common symptom that wasn’t noticed at first.

Patients were said to have red eyes. Not just the whites of the eyes but noticeably around the eyes would be red. The cause of the redness other than the obvious corona virus is conjunctivitis other wise known as pink eye. I do believe the number of patients that had this visible symptoms was up around 80% or more.

Honestly, I could go on and on with all this corona virus stuff but at this point I really I think I’ve reach my burnout point. I do believe I’ve covered the most important points of confusion I see most people struggling with and I seriously cannot bring myself at this moment to continue writing on this subject.

In conclusion I’d like to say that personally I think that there is alot about all of this that we will probably never know. Like I mentioned before in a roundabout way I’ll go ahead and save conspiracy theory topics or belief for another website.

One thing I do know is this……

We are one people with one common enemy.




Enjoy this downtime and spend it with the ones you are lucky to still have thanks probably to someone who chose to stay home. I think that a few lazy weeks with the ones you love is a very small price to pay.

Sorry to end it that way but sugar coating shits never really been my thing. ; ). It is what it is. With that said thank you for reading STAY HEALTHY and to help you do so, I’ve included some links to some things that we all may need so that you can stay home and stay healthy. These links are affiliate links, Which means that if you make a purchase through any of these links I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you of course. You can learn more about affiliate links on OneBadassMom.com’s Affiliate Disclosure Page which you will find in the pop out menu on the upper left corner of the screen. Thank You!!