A Bad Guys Worst Nightmare….

A Bit About Me & OneBadassMom.com

Hello and Welcome to OneBadassMom.com!! Id like to introduce myself, tell you a lil bit about me and also a lil’ bit about my very first website (of hopefully many more) OneBadassMom.com.

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My name is Heather and I am a 43yr old single Badass Mom of five Badass Boys (yes I said 5 & yes I said all boys, LOL). Tyler 26, Tash 16, Trevin 12, Tristen who claims to be eleven-teen and Takoda 7. To say i’m drowning in testosterone up in this bitch would no doubt be an understatement.

Me and My Boys

Looking back, I never was the type of person that walked around checking windows and doors before going to bed each night. Until the birth of my first child, which is when it all started to change. I say it started to change only because it was months before the lil screamer let me even think about sleep. Had he i’m sure that id have been like, “OMG!! Suddenly overnight I have become my mom!!”

There I was checking doors and windows every night before going to bed and there I was getting out of bed check out every little sound I heard that before I would have ignored if I ever even heard it at all. Or i’d find myself standing next to his crib staring at his chest making sure hes still breathing. I’m even guilty of accidentally on purpose : / waking up my baby because he wasn’t breathing deep enough for me to see in the low light of the room and I of course had to be sure he was okay. Who does that? I DID!!

For the first time in my life I could relate to those in my life that id teased about being paranoid laughing as they like clock work performed their nightly ritual of buttoning down the fort. They’d be like, “What’s so damn funny?” Id be like, “You tripp’en…..They make med’s for that type of shit ya know…BaaaaaHaHaHa!!” I realize now I wasn’t laughing because it was at all funny, but because prior to having kids with my “when its my time, its my time” way of thinking I just didn’t get it.

As my family grew, so did the anxiety and my list of oh so feared what if’s. With each new lil’ bundle of boy came a new unsettling and unfamiliar feeling or emotion and just know every single one of em had their own little posse of unique triggers. All of which, at times, became quite overwhelming considering that with all that going on inside my head, never was there ever a dull moment.

Things Id never even thought about thinking about before, ever, were now things that I could hardly avoid damn near obsessing over. It all developed into kinda like an OCD type thing. Its frustrating trying to manage something so complex when you don’t at all understand it. As complex as it all was seeing it from the inside, had I looked at it all, as a mother, from the outside Id have seen then just how basic in all reality that it truly was.

The Day me and my CatDog got maching nose rings….

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but somewhere along the way I had come to the realization that all this shit id been dealing with that had me at times almost going so far as to question my own damn sanity was in fact a completely normal, totally natural part of life. Who of known it was just the firing up and kicking in of my maternal instincts. I bet I told myself, “Self I guess all our postchildbirth, 100 different ways of crazy aren’t so crazy after all.”

I would have thought that just that statement alone would have given me some kind of relief. Sure I was no longer thinking I was crazy trippen over the flood of what if’s that riddle my mind on a daily because I now knew it was just a mom thing. I was no different than a mama bear with cubs or a lioness and her cubs. Like them I would do anything in my power to protect my cubs.

First Day of School
5th 7th 1st 10th

That thought made it all better. Right? HECK NO IT DID NOT!! A mama bear and a lioness are both big powerful animals with huge teeth and claws. Im no bear or lioness!! What power do I have? IM JUST A GIRL!! Off on a new anxiety trip I went or a quest in search of my power. You can call it whatever you’d like. Lol.

The conclusion I came to in all this is the only way to find relief for the anxiety I felt in regards to protecting my family is by means of preparation for all those darned what if’s. In other words I needed to build my self defense prep plan. With this plan I would go from being a great mom who squeeks, ” I will protect myself and my family.” To one confident and powerful BadassMom that ROARS, “I WILL PROTECT MYSELF AND MY FAMILY AGAINST ALL NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES!!”

With that said, there are a few goals that with this website I hope to achieve. I chose to share with you my top four goals for OneBadassMom.com.

First, I hope to bring some relief to all those new moms out there who may be struggling, like I was, with all the unfamiliar feelings, anxieties and fear of what if’s.

Second, Id like to go even further with the help of all the great moms who visit my site and together compile more useful information, including but not limited to, things like safety tips, defense tips, product and weapon suggestions and reviews in the comment areas through out my site. Together we can help to transform those great moms into BadassMoms.

Third, OneBadassMom.com will have various pages dedicated to bringing to you some links to some Badass products, accessories and weapons that in my opinion are must haves for any BadassMom.

Finally, I am hopeful that this website will generate a lil bit of income for myself, my family and for the upkeep and growth of my website OneBadassMom.com. How is that possible?

I have sprinkled through out OneBadassMom.com my affiliate links to great products. When you make a purchase through one of those links I may earn a small commission from that purchase. At no additional cost to you of course. You can learn more about affiliate links on this websites affiliate disclosure page located in the main pop out menu which should be on the left side of your screen.

Thank You in advance for your support and please invite the great moms you know to stop bye and check out OneBadassMom.com. I hope you enjoy My website as much as I enjoyed building it!!


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