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This page is dedicated to sharing with you self defense products, self defense accessories and self defense weapons women most definitely should consider making a part of their home, family and self defense prep plan. Doing so will help a great mom harness her inner mama bear power necessary to becoming OneBadassMom.

This page includes affiliate links to these great products. Again if you decide to make a purchase through any of these links I may earn a small commission on the purchase at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU of course. You can learn more about affiliate links on OneBadassMom.coms affiliate disclosure page.

The products i’ve included on this page are products that I have purchased, would purchase or plan to purchase myself. If reviews of the product are available, just know, I’ve read them. I will not promote anything here that I myself would not purchase. However, prior to purchasing a product you should also take a minute and check out the reviews for yourself since some of the products I really like do have some mixed reviews.

Please note: Any of the products on this page that look like a gun are either tasers or co2 powered bb or pellet guns. I decided to promote such items as the co2 guns for a few reasons which are….

  • co2 guns are a great way for moms who are considering purchasing their first firearm to get comfortable or familiar with the concept or feel which I believe will ease the intimidation factor a bit and help to begin their gun safety training.
  • co2 guns are great and effective tools for teaching gun safety and the proper use to the children in a home with firearms.
  • co2 guns these days are pretty powerful and could be used to defend to a certain extent in my opinion. They have come along way from back in the day when my brothers and myself would have airsoft gun wars in my backyard and shoot the shit out of each other. The ammo was plastic and we had rules like distance requirements and safety glasses had to be worn. I would NOT recommend any of that with what they have on the market these days so DO NOT try this at home.
  • co2 guns are great for target shooting training and practice for children and adults.

Some time later in the development of OneBadassMom.com I plan on personally spending some 1on1 time with a variation of different firearms and writing some pretty detailed reviews on each one of them in search of the overall best firearms for women and also the overall best concealed carry guns for women.

Any local licensed gun dealers that would be willing to assist me in making these reviews available much sooner by way of access to such a variation of firearms all in one location including future reviews on new models and such to keep up to date can become OneBadassMom.coms official go to for such items here in Bakersfield, Ca.

In exchange for their continued assistance I will promote them for free here on OneBadassMom.com and also on a future website of mine ArmedNotHarmed.com which is in the planning stages. I will announce the launching of that site in the future here on OneBadassMom.com so watch for it.

If you or someone you know is that person please let me know and reply in the comments below with your email address so I can contact you via email. (Note: No personal info of yours including email address will be visible to anyone visiting my site). I look forward to an opportunity to build a business relationship and help in the success of a local Bakersfield business. Thank you in advance.

Okay now back on the subject of purchases and reviews….. Please if you do make a purchase through any one of my affiliate links. I ask that upon delivery of your order you come back and leave a brief review in the comments section i’ve included at the bottom of this page. Thank you in advance for your support.

Amazon Products are no more…..

As of July 13, 2020 I will no longer promote amazon products on this site or any other sites owned by me. I am currently searching for affiliate programs that actually pay their affiliates for the sales they make. I hope very soon to have this page booming with badass products for all the badass moms who stop by. Sorry for the current lack of and I promise it will be worth the wait!!

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